1.1. This section informs you about the conditions of use of our website https://shoppeur.ch and the terms and conditions governing the sale of products between Shopper and its customers.

1.2. Use of this website or registration as a user implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. These General Terms and Conditions will apply to the sale of products between the shopper and his customers.

1.4. They will also be accepted by the customer, for all purposes, during any order made to Shopper.


2.1. Once the registration process is complete in our system, the customer can confirm his order by the following means:

2.1.1. E-commerce: On the https://shoppeur.ch website, following the established purchasing procedure.

2.2. The fulfillment of the order by the customer implies the full acceptance of the prices, the description of the products on sale and these General Conditions. For the order to be considered effective, you must receive an express confirmation from Shopper. All orders are subject to the availability of items.

2.3. Our products are offered within the limit of available stock posted on the website. Any errors or exceptional modifications are beyond our control and do not imply any responsibility on the part of Shopper. In case of unavailability of the product, once the order has been placed, we will inform you of the delay, the partial delivery or the cancellation of it, by email or telephone.

2.4. Product preparation times are indicated near the availability of these products. Preparation times refer only to working days. Most products indicate a delay of 24/48 hours. Hopper will try to ship orders within the specified time, but it can happen that delays beyond our control occur, without generating any right to compensation. Preparation times greater than 24/48 are estimates, which is why Shopper does not guarantee shipping within the estimated time indicated.

2.5. Shoppeur reserves the right to modify the design of the products and / or their packaging in its constant search to improve and adapt them to the needs of the market, always guaranteeing that the quality will be similar or superior.


3.1. Sales prices do not include VAT or any other tax. The corresponding shipping costs will be calculated and added at the end of the order, VAT, as well as any other customs fees, may be billed to the customer by the carrier.

3.2. The price of the items does not include advice, installation, training or any other type of technical support, other than that specified in the warranty standards described in these Terms and Conditions.

3.3. Prices included in Shopper's e-commerce are subject to variations without notice, including technical specifications.

3.4. In the event that the customer makes an order for products with a wrong price, Shopper will communicate the correct price and, if applicable, its acceptance of the order, provided that the customer expressly confirms with the correct price.


4.1. The Distributor may make payment by credit card, Postfinance, Twint, Paypal or bank transfer.

4.2. The availability of these means of payment depends on the type of service or product to be paid and the geographical location of the buyer or recipient.

4.3. The use of one of these means of payment implies acceptance of the conditions associated therewith.

4.4. To improve the user experience, Shoppeur reserves the right to activate a payment agreement via PayPal when the customer selects this method of payment. The customer can request the cancellation of the payment agreement or cancel it on his PayPal account.


5.1. The delivery of the material will be made to the address indicated by the customer at the time of making the purchase, not being able to differentiate between the billing address and the delivery address.

5.2. Delivery times will be those indicated on the website. These may vary depending on the method of payment chosen, payment by bank transfer requiring verification.

5.3.Because of Import Efficiency Shoppeur offers a single transport delivery service. The availability of these depends on the destination and the goods transported.

5.4. Transit times will depend on the destination.

5.5. The times indicated are estimated and not binding. The delay in respecting the deadlines, will not give the right to the customer to demand direct or indirect damages or to demand compensation, to reject the order or to suspend the respect of any obligation, in particular that of the payment.

5.6.Shoppeur delivers customers only indirectly, the publisher being in Spain, the customs clearance fees, VAT, are the responsibility of the recipient.

5.7. Shoppeur shall not be liable for total or partial non-compliance or delay in fulfilling its obligations to the Customer, if it was motivated by a fortuitous event or force majeure that harms both Shopper and its suppliers or carriers, including strike hypotheses, other unforeseen work or industrial, lack or inability to obtain products, etc. Shopper may cancel and have no effect, orders for products in progress, without giving rise to compensation or compensation in favor of the customer.


6.1. It is the obligation of the recipient to verify at the time of receipt of the goods, that the delivery corresponds to the order requested, which is written on the invoice and that its presentation, its condition, documentation and packaging is correct. In the event that a parcel has visible signs that may suggest that they may be damaged, it is the obligation of the recipient to enter in writing on the delivery note (whether digital or paper) that the merchandise is damaged. Accepting the goods without this reservation will invalidate any subsequent claims by the customer.

6.2. If you are concerned by one of the situations of the previous point, you will have to open an incident (from now ticket) on the website www.Shoppeur.ch in the contact section.

6.3. Only claims submitted by the customer within 2 calendar days of receipt will be accepted. Once this period has elapsed without making a complaint, the goods will be considered as received by the recipient in perfect condition of quality and quantity.


7.1. Products having their own network of authorized technical assistance, will in this case be subject to the conditions and procedures of the guarantees established by themselves.

7.2. Shopper generally offers the customer a 24-month warranty on its products, covering only product manufacturing defects.

7.3. Shopper will not accept any return shipment that has not been previously authorized by our after-sales service.

7.4. Once the defect of the product proved by the service, a refund or an exchange will be made independently of the choice of the customer and according to availability.

7.5. In the event that the product presented as defective, does not actually present such a defect, Shopper will inform the customer of the non-reimbursement thereof. It will remain for 7 days stored in the SAV waiting for the confirmation of the customer to want to recover the product after the payment of the corresponding shipping costs, at its expense. Once this time has passed, you will lose the right to any claim.

7.6. The guarantee will automatically be invalidated in the following cases:

7.7.1. For loss or manipulation of any of the manufacturer's control labels and / or distribution chain and / or Shopper intermediaries.

7.7.2. When the cause of the damage or failure is due to improper use, non-application of the instructions of the accompanying manual, as well as accidents, misuse, shocks, breaks, accidents or breakdowns caused by other causes not attributable to normal operating conditions.

7.7.3. When it comes to repairs due to lack of maintenance, adjustment, overhaul or cleaning.

7.7.4. Use in unsuitable environments (with dust, exposed to direct sunlight, vibration, extreme temperatures [below 5ºC and above 40ºC], humidity out of range [less than 10% and greater than 95% ] and sockets without earth protection or surge protection).

7.7.5. For improper use of the installed software or for the use of illegal software.

7.7. 6. For damage caused by viruses or computer attacks.

7.7.7. By existence a life cycle lower than the established warranty period.


8.1. Shopper has been licensed for the use and exploitation of the rights to the images of perfumes and cosmetics and other branded products that are used on its website. These contents are protected by intellectual property legislation, which must be respected by the customer at all times.

8.2. The suppliers of perfumery and cosmetic products of first brands marketed on their platform, guarantee to Shopper that all the products are original, that they were acquired either from their owners, or from other authorized suppliers and that they themselves have the necessary permissions and permissions to distribute them.

8.3. The suppliers of the products marketed by Shopper have expressly guaranteed that the products have not been modified or altered, being free from transit and circulation on the European Common Market. These products are protected by the principle of the free movement of goods in the European Union and by the exhaustion of the right of mark, and can thus be legally marketed by Shopper.

8.4. Shopper is not an official distributor of brands and acts only as a reseller in the sales channel in the European Economic Area.


9.1. The images of the furniture may suffer slight variations in their tone. With respect to natural wood furniture, the color and veins may vary due to the nature of each wood used for its construction. In addition, the configuration of each user's monitor color may show a tone or color slightly different from the original, so this case will not be grounds for complaint from the Distributor.


10.1. Shoppeur recognizes the importance of protecting the confidentiality and rights of its customers and guarantees the correct processing of their data by complying as much as possible with the legislation in force.

10.2. By registering on the website of Shopper, the customer expressly accepts the processing of his personal data.


11.1. This website is the property of Shopper, as well as all the rights of its contents, images, texts, design and software. All elements of this page, including without limitation, its design and content are protected by the laws of Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and International Copyright Treaties.

11.2. Unless explicitly authorized by Shopper, you may not, under any circumstances, reproduce, transmit or exploit the content of this website.


12.1. If a stipulation of these conditions is missing or becomes invalid or becomes inapplicable under the applicable law, said stipulation would have no effect, but only to the extent of this specific lack of validity, and will not affect any other stipulation of these conditions .


12.1. These General Conditions of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the legislation in force in Switzerland.

12.2. In the event of a dispute, the contracting parties submit to the Courts of the District with the express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

12.3. However, the foregoing point will not prevent Shopper from exercising the right to resolve any dispute in another jurisdiction.