You want to order on the internet, but this is the first time and you do not know how to do it.

No worries, we will explain step by step how to do it.

First you need to know what you want to buy.

           You can search by the search bar:

Or you can browse through the categories of the menu:

2. Once you have selected one or more products, add them to your basket:

Now you have the choice between continuing your purchases (repeat point 1) or validate your order.

 3. To confirm your order, click on your basket:

You will arrive on this page:

Here you are on the summary page of your cart.

By clicking on "Continue shopping" you return to the product navigation.

By clicking on "Order" you will go to the order process.

Click on it.

Registration page or login

Just enter your personal data or click on "connect" if you

are already a customer

The password and date of birth are optional. because you can order without registering

on our site, staying "invited".

To create the account, you must fill in these fields.

Once the fields are filled, click continue.

Address page

In order to deliver, we need an address.

Fill in the necessary fields.

The phone is required only for logistical reasons

upon delivery.

We guarantee that your data is not transmitted to others

people or companies than Shopper.

Click continue after the fields are filled.

Carrier selection page

You just have to choose a carrier according to your needs, whatever you want

an economical or ultrafast method.

Choose a carrier and click continue.

Last step, the payment page.

Choose your payment method, read and accept the terms and conditions and

click on "order with an obligation to pay".

You will then be redirected to our partner who cashes payments

Postfinance, Twint, Stripe or Paypal.

Once on the page of our partner fill in the requested fields and accept the payment.

Finally you will be redirected to our shop with a payment confirmation message and a

confirmation email.